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Tian Optics, Inc.

Tianjin Yuguang Optical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a joint venture of multinational companies, registered in the national key economic development zone, Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park, the company registered capital of 30 million yuan, the company mainly engaged in the project "research and development, production of optical instruments and related technology consulting services". The company relies on the precision aspheric Co. Ltd. "(Precision Asphere, Inc.), and Nankai University Institute of modern optics together, common development and production of precision aspheric optical products in the world's top. The company with substantial capital and advanced technology, a galaxy of talents, our products are exported to Europe, America, Africa and many Asian countries. Products are widely used in bio pharmaceutical, medical diagnosis, optical testing, green energy, electronic information, wafer industry, aerospace and other fields. The technology of precision aspheric optics, which is independently mastered by our company, fills the gap in our country. Our technology ranks among the best in the world.

Company to "Silicon Valley precision aspheric Co. Ltd." (Precision Asphere, Inc.) research results as a basis for entrepreneurship, the introduction of the existing precision aspheric optical system design and precision aspheric lens industry technology, innovative technology and self-developed equipment, to fill the gaps in this field in China, provide a platform for the development of new technology the standard for the domestic advanced optical system development.

Chairman Kong Qiang was named as the "special expert" of the state and Tianjin, and won the "thousand people plan" of the state". He was named "Tianjin entrepreneur mentor" and "new entrepreneur". He is the head of Tianjin key support project.

The company has nearly 1000 plant, fully automatic multi axis polishing machine with independent intellectual property rights (fill the gaps), and processing equipment such as Germany and the UK imports and domestic optical processing equipment, nearly 10 million yuan in fixed assets, by domestic and foreign experts and top talent in all aspects of a high-quality management and marketing team, by a number of doctoral and master degree, as the company's core position. The company is committed to product quality management and enterprise management, staff training, continuous training, increase production capacity, the future will create a set of R & D and production as a whole, precision aspheric optical system to create a service in optical applications all over the world, the R & D and production enterprises.

The company pays attention to product quality and credibility; at the same time with the wishes of customers first, we based on the build quality and performance of the company, pay more attention to the relationship with customers and partners, we will wholeheartedly provide technical service and quality products for your service. Your idea is the direction of our efforts, your demand is what we pay for, we are willing to serve the friends of all countries in the world, but also sincerely willing to become friends with our customers.